Event Update September 2020

Thanks for your patience whilst we have been working through how we can deliver a safe event to you in 2020.  We would also like to thank our sponsors, stakeholders and government for their continued support during this challenging time.

Given the ongoing health crisis and despite our optimism and best efforts, it is with great sadness that we announce that we have not been able to secure approval for the 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to take place this year on 8 November.

We are as disappointed as you to not be able to celebrate what would have been the 20th running of the event, but none the less, we’re excited to celebrate an even bigger and better 20th anniversary (and 20th running) event on 19 September 2021!

All existing 2020 registered participants will automatically be transferred to the 2021 date, no action is required. If you are unable to attend the event in 2021, please find more information below in the FAQ’s section.

Thank you for your support during this time and we cannot wait to see you again in 2021 to celebrate this amazing event with you!

We are excited to bring you the 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Virtual Run

To ensure that your training does not go to waste, today we’re excited to launch the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Virtual Run.  We would love you to join us, with the same spirit and sense of community to take on the distance/s of your choice. Our virtual event runs from our traditional event date of 20 September until 8 November.

To show our thanks for your continued support of the event, we are offering all current 2020 registered, withdrawn and deferred participants a FREE entry into the virtual event. An email will be sent within the next 24 hours with instructions on how to redeem your free entry.

It’s important that you have a great and safe virtual run experience. Please click here to read our FAQ’s to help with your planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Event Information

  • Why did the event get postponed?

    The 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival has been postponed from its original date of 20 September 2020 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and the worsening of the situation in Australia and the extension of the NSW Health Orders. 

  • Why is the event postponed and not cancelled?

    The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is the sole remaining participation legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The event is due to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2020, a significant milestone. Event Organisers are disappointed that the event cannot go ahead on its planned date of 20 September but are working hard towards delivering the event on the backup date of 8 November. 

  • What is the new date?

    We are planning to host the 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on Sunday 8 November 2020.  

    A final decision on the 2020 event will be made by 14 September 2020.  

  • How and where do I collect my race bib?

    Details of race bib collection will be announced shortly.  

  • Will there be a virtual run for people who cannot attend?

    We are considering the options of conducting some Virtual activities between now and the proposed back up date of 8 November. We’ll announce these over the coming weeks. 

  • What COVID-Safe measures will be in place for the event?

    Event organisers have developed aextensive COVID Safe Event Delivery plan, this has been delivered to NSW Government agencies and we are working with them to finalise the plan.  

    This is a fluid situation and restrictions may vary in the short to medium term, as such detailed instructions of our COVID-Safe plan will be shared with our participants closer to the event day.  

    Rest assured wintend to deliver a COVID-Safe event in line with Government regulations of the time. 

Registration & Entry Information

  • If I have already registered for the 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, do I need to take any action for my existing registration?

    Any participant who had already registered for the 20 September 2020 event, will have their entry automatically transferred to the new event date, Sunday 19 September 2021.  No action is required from participants 

  • What if I cannot attend the new event date?

    If an existing participant is not able to attend the event in September 2021, they have the following options; 

    1. Transfer their existing entry to another person (name transfer / changing the entrants name on an existing registration)
      • To transfer your entry to another person, please complete this form
    2. Withdraw from the event and receive a 75% refund on the entry fee paid. 
    3. Donate 75% of the paid entry fee to one of our official event charity partners.  
      • To select your charity to donate your entry fee to, please complete this form 

    Any participant unable to attend the 2021 event in September, must select from option 1, 2 or 3  prior to 5pm AEST Saturday 31 July 2021. If we do not hear from you prior to this date, the assumption is that you are able to attend the 2021 event.

    If you have any further questions, please email our customer support team via info@sydneyrunningfestival.com.au. 

  • Can I change my race?

    Yes, you are able to change your race by filling out this form

    Any participant who changes into another race of greater value will be required to pay an additional fee for the difference between the entry fee originally paid and the current cost of participating in the alternative race plus a $5.00 admin fee.

    • For a Race Downgrade – the difference in race fee (minus $5.00 admin fee) is refundable prior to 30 September 2020.
    • For a Race Upgrade – the difference in race fee plus a $5.00 admin fee is payable.

Event Update July 2020

  • Dear participants,

    We have been navigating the COVID-19 crisis, and its impact on the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. With our last update, we believed there was a strong possibility that we would be able to deliver the event as scheduled. Unfortunately (and sadly) due to the worsening situation in Australia, its impact on NSW and the heightened risk, this has caused an extension of the current health order. This has resulted in us having to postpone the 20 September event.

    Earlier in the year, we were provided with a backup date of 8 November which is outside of the current health order and as such, we are hopeful that we will be able to host the event. However, the exceptional NSW Government agencies that we work with to deliver such a great and successful event each year including, NSW Police, Transport NSW & TMC, NSW Ambulance and NSW Health (and many other agencies, landowners and stakeholders) are on the frontline tackling this pandemic with huge amounts of resources dedicated to the task.

    We would like to say a huge thank you to these agencies and the NSW Government for the extensive work they are doing to fight this pandemic. We are hopeful for the event on 8 November and are actively pursuing this, but we have to be realistic and understand that this is subject to the pandemic being brought under control quickly, us complying with any health orders in place at that time and the agencies having the resources to plan for the event, which is not guaranteed.

    To confirm, this backup date is subject to health orders of that period and approval of all stakeholders which we do not have at this point.  A final decision on the 2020 event will be announced by 14 September.

    Thank you for your support and patience during this time. The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is part of the fabric of Sydney, it delivers so much to the community and the NSW economy.

    Should you be unable to attend the revised November date there are several options available to you which include withdrawal, and deferment to 2021. See FAQ’s below.

    In the meantime, we wish you good health, stay safe, stay distanced and hopefully we’ll have a positive outcome and be able to deliver you an amazing and safe experience in November.

Event Update May 2020

  • As we all know, COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, right across the world. Whilst this has been devastating, the response by Governments and communities has been outstanding, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Obviously as organisers of this great event, we’ve been monitoring the situation and have been in close contact with the NSW Government on how COVID-19 may impact the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. At the moment, we are still working towards our scheduled date of Sunday 20 September 2020. This year we celebrate our 20th event, and the 20th Anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games from which this event was founded as a legacy for the people.

    We will continue to work closely with the NSW Government and Agencies over the coming months and if there is a need to change this date, we do have backup dates already planned. Though for now we keep on planning for September, with various options being considered as to how we do this under COVID-19 considerations. Your health, the health of our volunteers and workforce are of primary importance, so rest assured we will implement a safe, successful and fun event for you.

    During this time, we do know large parts of the community have been focusing on their health and in particular people taking up running to keep fit and mentally healthy. So we hope to welcome some new faces to the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival event this year, which is very exciting.

    So be safe, stay fit and healthy and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, the most spectacular running event in Australia.

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