Can I change events?

You can change event by completing the change request form and send it via email up until Friday, 7 Sept 2018 at 5pm. Any forms received afterwards at the event office (via email) will NOT be processed under any circumstance. All change requests during event week (after 7 September 2018 at 5pm) must be done in person at the ASICS Event Expo. No changes will be made unless you bring your original race kit to the Changes Desk with this completed form. A $5 Admin fee applies to any event changes.

  1. For a Race Downgrade – difference in race fee (minus $5 admin fee) is refundable prior July 31. 
  2. For a Race Upgrade – difference in race fee plus $5 admin fee are payable.

Change Request Form can be downloaded here>>

Please Note: Race changes are subject to availability as particular start groups and events will sell out prior to Sunday 16th September 2018.

Additional Note: Any upgrades to the Sydney Marathon after Tuesday, 31 July will not receive a personalised race bib.