Team FAQs

Team Registration Information

Can I enter a team into the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival?

Yes, team registrations are available for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Click here for information on Team Registration >>

Is there a minimum / maximum number of participants in a team?

The minimum number of team members is 5. There is no maximum number of team members. Teams with 20 or more members can apply for bulk Event Kit collection. Team captains are eligible for free entry if they recruit 10 or more entrants to join their team. These 10 or more entrants must be registered prior to the captain to receive a free entry.


Please contact to organise the bulk Event Kit collection prior to 5pm Friday 25 August 2017. This is to allow enough time for our team to organise and collate the team's Event Kits together. Without confirmation, your Event Kits will not be collated and each individual will need to collect.

Can team members participate in different events within the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival?

Yes, team members are able to select whichever of the four distances is suitable for them and still be registered within the same team.

Is there a discount for team entries?

There are no discounts for team members.

Can someone be transferred to a team if they have already registered?

Yes, please email with the individuals' name, bib number and team name. You may be required to provide the DOB to ensure we move the correct person.

Team Captain Information

How do I log in as team captain and check who is in my team?

Please go to the TikTok Dashboard and login to your account. Then see the "My Teams" tab.

I am the team captain of a corporate team, how do I make a payment?

Please email us when you're ready to receive your invoice. Remember your entrants are not confirmed until you have made payment.

My team is keen to fundraise for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, what are the next steps?

2017 Fundraising Information Coming Soon!

ASICS Event Expo / Event Kit Collection

How do I collect my team Event Kits?

All Event Kits will be available for personal collection from the ASICS Event Expo held at Lower Town Hall (corner of George and Druitt Street) Sydney. The Expo will be open from Wednesday 14 September to Saturday 16 September 2017.


For more information including opening times, click here >>


Team Event Kit collection is available for teams with 20 or more team members registered. An email will be sent to all team captains towards the end of August with further information on team Event Kit collection. If you would like to bulk collect your team's Event Kits, you will need to respond to the email with your team name, contact details of the person who will be collecting your team kits and also your preferred collection day (i.e. Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM). To ensure your kits are ready for collection, please send through this information no later than 5pm Friday 25 August 2017. You will receive a confirmation via email if your teams Event Kit are eligible for collection.


Please ensure the person collecting the kits brings a team list download to cross reference the collection and is mindful that although the kits are not heavy, but they can be bulky in transit. It is the collector's responsibility to ensure all kits have been packed before leaving the Asics Event Expo.


Previously, we have allowed teams of 10 or more to have their kits collated. Due to high demands on this service, we have increased the number to 20.


Please note: Team Event Kits will not be collated without notification by the team captain. Team Event Kits will NOT be handed to courier drivers / taxi drivers etc. A member or representative of your team will need to collect and sign for your team's Event Kits.

Team Marquees / Corporate Hospitality

Is there the opportunity for race day team/corporate hospitality area/marquee?

If you would like further information in hosting an area/marquee, please email us for more information. Note that space is extremely limited in the Blackmores Recovery Village and we cannot guarantee that a space will be available for your group. Please be aware that these are ‘private’ marquees for your company and cannot be used as a commercial venue. This is due to the contractual agreements of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival’s official sponsors whom have purchased space ad rights in the Blackmores Recovery Village.