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Run with your team and help make a difference!

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a great team building activity, allowing team members to choose an event that matches their fitness and enthusiasm levels while still being part of one team. It is also a great fundraising activity too.

Make this your fundraising event for 2015

In 2014, we raised an incredible $2 million for charitable organisations and this year we want to raise even more. For many participants this

event will be a personal challenge so why not make this event your fundraising activity for 2015 and make a difference! It couldn't be easier with the online fundraising tools that allow you to create your own team fundraising page for a charity close to your heart.

Benefits of entering a team

  • Free entry granted to all team captains of teams of 10 or more members (see below for details)
  • Manage your team online without the hassle of contacting the festival office
  • Collect all team members Event Kits at once by prior arrangement (only available to teams with 10 or more members)
  • Payment flexibility as teams entries can be paid for by a group, company or individual
  • You can nominate a charity for the team to support and create a fundraising target challenge
  • Motivate your team members to get fit and active, as well as have an enjoyable time together
  • The opportunity to generate awareness and publicity for your group or organisation

Getting started

How do I create a team?

1. Each team needs a nominated team captain. The team captain is responsible for creating a team name and password. All teams must be created via the online registration system before any team members can join the team.

2. The team captain must visit the online registration form and register the team name first.

NOTE - As the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a family event and team names are displayed on the registration site, please do not include any offensive wording. Any team name that event organisers deem offensive will be removed.

3. The team captain must distribute the team name and password in order for other team members to register, so please select a password that you're happy to share.

4. The team captain will need to determine the payment method for the team on creation of the team, whether team members are responsible for their own payment, or whether your organisation or company wishes to pay for all team members in bulk. Payment can be made online via MasterCard or Visa. Please contact if an alternate payment method is required (direct deposit or cheque). Please note that no entrant is accepted into the event until payment has been received.

5. If you are a team captain and you anticipate that your team will have ten or more members, DO NOT register yourself into an event until 10 other members have joined your team. You will be able to see how many team members via the Team Manager site. Once you have 10 or more entrants registered, please contact for instructions to redeem your free entry. NO REFUNDS will be processed for team captains who have already registered.

6. Team entries, including all payments within these teams, need to be completed by 5pm Friday 28 August, 2015. A registration is not considered to be confirmed unless payment has been received.

How do I join an existing team?

1. Visit the online registration form and during the process you will be prompted to select a team to register within.

2. This requires you to know your team name as well as the team password selected by your team captain to register. If you're unsure of what the team name and password is, please contact your team captain directly.

3. Your team captain will have determined whether you will need to pay for your own entry or whether the organisation/company will be paying for your entry. Please seek advice from your team captain before registering.

4. Team entries, including all payments within these teams, need to be completed by 5pm Friday 28 August, 2015. A registration is not considered to be confirmed unless payment has been received.

There is no cap on how many members can enter a team and each team member will still have an individual result.

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