Team information

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a great team building activity! Team members can choose any of the 4 distances whilst still being part of the one team. It is also a great fundraising activity for friends, families or corporates.

Make this your fundraising event for 2017

For many participants this event will be a personal challenge so why not make this event your fundraising activity for 2017 and make a difference! It couldn't be easier with the online fundraising tools that allow you to create your own team fundraising page for a charity close to your heart.

Teams vs Individual registration

The cost to enter as a team or individual is the same, but running as a team has its benefits! Your friends and family may help boost your motivation, improve your performance and make your experience that little bit more fun on the race morning if you're feeling nervous!

There are two team types that can be created:

  • General Teams: team members pay their registration fee at the time of registration.
  • Corporate or "Pay Later" bulk teams: team captain will pay team members' registration fees all at once at a later date.

Team Benefits:

  • FREE entry is granted to team captains of teams with 10 or more members (please contact us when 10 entrants have registered in your team). 
  • If you have a team of 20 or more, with prior arrangement you can collect all Event Kits at once. Please contact us to organise the bulk Event Kit collection prior to 5pm Friday 25 August 2017. This is to allow enough time for our team to organise and collate the team's Event Kits together. Without confirmation your Event Kits will not be collated and each team member will need to collect individually. This also means that your team needs to have 20+ members prior Friday, 25 August 2017. Any new changes, entries will not be pre-packed.

Create and Join a Team

To create a team and become a team captain, visit the registration page and follow these steps:

  1. Select the entry type, e.g. Sydney Marathon Adult (Aus/NZ) – Early Bird.
  2. Click ‘Create a Team’ at the pop-up box prompt.
  3. Register yourself as the Team Captain and enter the team details. Creating a team password is optional.
  4. Select ‘Pay Later’ as the payment type if you wish to process your team’s payment in one bulk. By choosing this option, you agree to the corporate team’s terms and conditions.
  5. Select ‘Create My Team’.

From here, you will be taken to the team managers TikTok dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage your team details, so make sure you remember your email address and password to access this later.

If you're participating in the event, you must now register yourself into your preferred event, by clicking the registration link in the dashboard.

To get people to join your team, don’t forget to either, share the team name and password (if applicable), or the team entry link (found in the dashboard) with your team members.

To get the most out of entering a team, you should aim for 20 entrants as a minimum. 

Corporate Teams Terms and Conditions

All team members must be paid for by Friday 25 August, 2017 at 5pm.

No places are guaranteed until full payment has been received. As several events within the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival reach capacity before the event day, it is recommended that all team members register and the Team Captain pays for their entries as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If a team member has selected a start group that sells out before payment is received, they may be allocated to the next available start group i.e. if the Half Marathon A group sells out before payment is received, the entrant will be allocated to the B group where possible.

Team Key Dates


Sunday 18 September 2016 - Now Registrations now open – Create your team today!


Monday 31 July 2017 Early bird entry close.
Friday 25 August 2017 Corporate Team entries close. Ensure all event changes have been submitted and entries have been paid for by this date. Team captains of 20+ team members will need to confirm the team’s Event Kits bulk collection via email.
Friday 08 September 2017 Event Week – any changes and withdrawals need to be done in person at the ASICS Event Expo
Wednesday 13 – Saturday 16 September 2017 at 4pm ASICS Event Expo opens at Lower Town Hall. Collect team Event Kits, drop off any baggage, and submit any event changes and new late entries if applicable.
Sunday 17 September 2017 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival event day. See you at the finish line!