ASICS & rebel Official Event Merch

Event Merchandise

What official event merchandise will be available at the ASICS Event Expo?

A Rebel store will be set up as part of the ASICS Event Expo, where you can buy official BSRF ASICS Event Merchandise, ASICS footwear and apparel, SKINS compression garments, GU energy gels and other great sponsor products will also be available to purchase while visiting the ASICS Event Expo.

What can I purchase at the post-event Blackmores Recovery Village?

Post-race food and official merchandise is also available for purchase through our Online Shop (coming soon).

You will also find our Official Event Merchandise, available for purchase, supplied by rebel and ASICS at the Merchandise Tent.

Will Blackmores Early Bird Singlets be available in 2017?

The Blackmores Early Bird Singlet is to be confirmed for 2017. If you register within the early bird period, you'll be able to purchase the singlet when available during the registration process. Singlets are subject to a $6.50 postage and handling fee, despite the address. Expect your singlet to arrive early September. Those with International addresses will need to pick it up at the Expo from International and Team Desk.

Can I purchase an iTab for the 2017 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival?

iTab purchases are to be confirmed for 2017. When available, these can be purchased during your registration for $12.10, or through the Online Shop (coming soon) if you did not purchase at the time of registration.

When should I expect to receive my iTab for the 2017 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival?

The iTab will be posted post-event to the address provided during the registration. To check or update your address, please login to the TikTok Dashboard here.

I am an overseas entrant, how will I receive my iTab?

The price of the iTaB includes worldwide shipping. Please ensure your address is entered accurately to ensure the iTab reaches you!

Where can I purchase Official Event Merchandise?

Official Event Merchandise is available to be purchased online during registration or on the Online Shop (coming soon) until Sunday, 25 September 2017. After this date, you can purchase this at the Rebel Store in the ASICS Event Expo. For information on the ASICS Event Expo, click here.

If I purchase my Event Merchandise online pre-event, when can I expect it to be delivered?

Stock is expected into store early September. All orders will be sent via registered post. Free shipping on online orders to Australian address's only available until Sunday, 4 September 2016. All orders will be sent via registered post. To check or update your delivery address, please login to your account here.

I have an Overseas address, how do I recieve my Merchandise?

If you have an address that is not in Australia, your items will need to be collected from the rebel store at the ASICS Event Expo.

Can I exchange my Event Merchandise?

Yes, exchanges can be made at the ASICS Event Expo from the rebel stand.

Who can I contact if I have any enquiries about my Event Merchandise?

If you require any assistance or further information about Official Event Merchandise, contact information Please ensure you mention the Event name.