Eloise Wellings Juggling Motherhood and Running

Juggling motherhood and running can be tricky and a fine balancing act especially if you're a running mum with a full-time job too. But the benefits of a busy mum getting out for a run far out way the logistical juggling act.

  • Get out before the household rises: When we are based at our home in Sydney, I'm out the door by 6 am most mornings to get my training done. It's hard some mornings to get up early but I've never regretted it afterwards... doing my AM training early allows me time at the beginning of the day without disruption and I make it make for brekkie with my family. 
  • Find a training partner. I have many great training partners that are also some of my best friends. When you commit to meeting a friend for a run early in the morning you're much more likely to get out of bed when the alarm goes off. My training partners and I have a rule of "no cancellations within 24 hours of the run" with the exception of illness/injury and extenuating circumstances. "I want more sleep" doesn't cut it! 
  • Be organised: whether it's being organised with preparing dinner (ie throwing the slow cooker on in the morning) or laying my running clothes out for an early run the next day, I find that if I think ahead and be organised for what needs to get done, the day just runs smoother and I'm more productive in every sphere of my life.
  • Eat well and get enough sleep. For me, these two go hand in hand, if I'm getting enough sleep I tend to eat better and I am more attracted to nutritious food as oppose to when I'm tired and craving high sugar and processed foods... which funnily enough makes us feel more tired because these foods aren't nutritionally sound enough to give us lasting energy. 
  • Take your kids! If you have a bike path near home. Take your kids on their bikes whilst you run. Race them on their bikes or scooters for some interval training for you! 

Aim to run 3-4 times a week and treat holidays like a training camp and run most days if you're able, especially if you're training for an upcoming fun run. Use the extra time whilst you're on holidays to increase your fitness, improve your overall health, refresh your mind and reset your goals.

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