About Us

Event Owner

This event is owned by Athletics Australia, a not-for-profit organisation responsible for managing the sport of athletics in Australia. Profits from the event go back into the community through Athletics Australia’s programs, making this event a true charitable running event.

Event Manager

Pont3 is one of the most highly regarded event organisers in the country and is responsible for all facets of the events organisation from sponsorship, to operations, participant management and marketing. The event has grown under the management of Pont3 from 12,000 in 2004 to over 32,000 in 2015.

Event History

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is the sole remaining participant legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It started in 2001 when the NSW Government approved the continuation of a marathon in Sydney to promote fitness and health for the NSW community and to position Sydney as an international tourist destination.

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is run on one of the most spectacular courses in the world, taking in all of the Sydney iconic landmarks and providing all runners with a unique opportunity of crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge traffic free.  

Event Facts

  • An amazing achievement is that the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is the only Australian running event that is broadcast live.
  • Just 15 years old, the event now boasts over 32,000 participants from over 66 countries each year.
  • The event is also a hugely successful fundraising activity supporting a number of local and national based charities. In 2015, the event helped to raise over $1,737,647.66 for charitable organisations. The total funds raised since inception is over $15,500,000.