Sponsorship/PR/Media FAQs

How do I apply for a Media Accreditation for event day?

Download the Media Accreditation, complete and follow submission process outlined in the document.

Would your organisation/product like to be involved with the event? 

If your organisation has an interest in being considered as a sponsor or partner for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, you must complete the Sponsorship Request Form and send this to info@sydneyrunningfestival.com.au

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is contacted regularly by organisations in regards to becoming involved with the event at an official capacity. There are many levels of involvement as listed below (please note positions in these levels may not be available):

  • Media partner
  • Major partners
  • Sponsors
  • Strategic partner
  • Government stakeholders
  • Supporters & suppliers
  • Sister events
The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival does not have standard packages for these levels and therefore all partnerships are tailored and negotiated to benefit both the needs and objectives of your organisation and the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. To assist us with your query, please complete the answers below and return to info@sydneyrunningfestival.com.au. With this information, we will be able to see if your product/ organisation have potential to be involved. Please note that we would not consider creating a space for a new Sponsor should they pose a conflict of interest to our current Sponsors or Partners.
  1. What is the product/ service or the industry of your organisation?
  2. What is the expected level of investment ($)?
  3. What is the expected length of involvement (year/s)?
  4. How do you believe your organisations objectives & strategies align with that of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival?
  5. Who is your target market/ demographic?
  6. Have you been involved with events at a sponsorship level previously? If yes, what events?
  7. What are you hoping to achieve through this sponsorship?